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Dark Knight costume redesigned for Batman vs. Superman

If fans have been wondering what to expect in terms of Dark Knight’s costume in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, we have the answer for you! Most recently, actress Jennifer Garner, who’s the wife of Batman actor Ben Affleck, dished about the Dark Knight’s new Batsuit, saying it’s a “total reinvention” of what fans are used to seeing. The superhero flick’s very own costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, sat down with and talked about Batman and Wonder Woman’s costumes: “Suffice to say we really respect the histories of all of these characters.” He obviously didn’t go into too much detail, but he did explain briefly how the costumes would be updated to suit the new generation of fans and make the iconic characters modern and up-to-date: “We’re all very reverent about the iconic graphic nature of these characters and their costumes. We see ourselves as part of the natural lineage of how these characters are being portrayed through out the ages and our goal is to create something relevant and exciting for today’s audiences.” The designer also talked about the challenges of redesigning iconic costumes, saying that his team has to look back at past portrayals of the characters and reimagine the costumes in the context of today’s fans. “It’s an interesting, multilayered design challenge,” he explained. When can fans expect to see the finished products? Since the film’s release was pushed to May 6, 2016, it could be a while before we catch the first glimpse of the redesigned Batsuit!