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Justice League may be filmed right after Batman vs Superman

Rumor has it that Warner Brothers and DC Comics are planning to film a Justice League film back-to-back with the anticipated Batman vs. Superman film. Latino Review reported that the production studio wants to film both films at the same time instead of waiting the typical two to four-year gap between sequels to guarantee the availability of the ensemble cast, which is rumored to include Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Although there are no details yet for Justice League, another rumor says that the Batman vs. Superman will have a cliffhanger ending that ultimately sets the scene for Justice League. If these rumors are true, DC Comics fans won’t have to wait long for a sequel to Batman vs. Superman, which is set to hit the big screen in 2015. Batman vs. Superman will star Henry Cavill as Superman once again and Ben Affleck as Batman. Amy Adams will reprise her role as Lois Lane.